Project management and quality assurance

Project management

We are very proud of the fact that in the last 10 years we have completed all of our projects successfully. Many factors contribute to this success. As well as the stable company background and commitment of those at RacioNet Zrt., we have also established outstanding PM competences that are being continuously developed. We have our own project and project management methodology, and our team have internationally-accepted project management qualifications.  

Based on our many years of experience, and our best practices associated with this experience, we now offer our own project-optimised PM solution packages, focusing on the practical side of projects implemented or managed by our company. Our solutions provide support to project management and the work of project teams, focusing in particular on the complete implementation cycle of IT system introduction projects (project definition, planning, implementation, project closure). We offer customised versions based on the following types of projects:  

Our support tools – which have a module-like flexibility - facilitate project work in the following areas:

Throughout all projects we undertake, we always aim to adhere to the following values:

Project quality assurance

As mentioned above, a surprisingly large proportion of IT projects are not successful, and even when projects are successful, users often do not experience any resulting benefits. What is the background to this problem? Research shows that the most common problems are weak project discipline, ineffective management styles, insufficient communication, disruptive changes in the project’s aims due to the original aims being unclear, and poor process approach or managerial decisions made with insufficient preparation.  

RacioNet Zrt. provides support through its quality assurance service for clients so that these traps can be avoided during the implementation of IT projects. It helps projects to be successfully completed within budget and schedule deadlines, and ensures that the results satisfy users.  

The use of project quality assurance during projects results in the conscious implementation of a quality-focused approach, providing the following benefits for organisations:

It is recommended utilising a quality assurance specialist as an consultant for projects which involve either an external or internal service provider. As well as the previously-mentioned benefits, it also contributes to the following aspects:

Why choose RacioNet Zrt.? We guarantee an effective service based on the experience we have built up over the years. The team at RacioNet Zrt. have individually between 15 and 20 years experience working in IT projects, with an exceptionally high amount of introductory and project management experience in different IT solutions gained in many industries. In particular: