Infrastructure services


Due to the rapid development of information technology, many organisations face the challenge of keeping their specialists' knowledge up-to-date. Within an organisation, updating knowledge is usually hard, and can involve a higher level of expenditure than is affordable. By providing operational services to our clients, we are able to help them create the IT environment in their organisations that is necessary for high-quality work - our clients focus their resources on carrying out key activities, while we provide them with solutions for daily operational challenges. 


Our maintenance service includes the repairing and maintaining of IT tools provided by us (both during and after the warranty period), as well as repair services as part of a flat-rate service agreement. If a partnership agreement has been signed, we offer an additional service level (extended warranty period, faster or on-the-spot repairs etc).

System integration

Our system integration service makes it possible for our clients to create complex and comprehensive IT solutions, creating optimal harmonisation between the hardware and software infrastructure that exists or is due to be purchased.  

Our main solutions: