Business applications and business intelligence solutions

Custom developments

Specialist organisations require specific solutions for their specific processes. We have a large amount of experience building various systems, architectures and developmental tools, all tailored to the demands of the client as well as the nature of the tasks required. Our created systems include:  

Enterprise solutions

In many cases a completely new solution is not needed, as the existing system can be utilised. These systems already work based on proven process standards, so in many cases they help us see from an external viewpoint how the system operates, revealing defects or highlighting the lack of harmony within particular processes.

Software packages offered by large software companies are at their best in environments that use the same processes, regardless of the nature of the organisation:

As well as the above-mentioned areas, there are some ready-made software packages that can be used in more specialised fields which require specific systems.   

We have successfully tailored many already-existing systems to the demands of our clients, including:

Business intelligence solutions

In the majority of cases intelligent business solutions use data assets gathered in the organisation’s data warehouses to improve decision making processes, as well as increase their efficiency. But what exactly are data warehouses? A data warehouse represents the actual data assets held by an organisation, which in practice normally consists of data generated by operational processes, gathered in a database. The use of this business intelligence, which creates operational data that is highly transparent, creates tangible feedback regarding the operations of an organisation and helps the organisation’s management make decisions about operation.